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The Island of Pag extends from the Pag Bridge to the southeast to Lun community to the northwest. Spreading over the 60 km is a real nature’s treasure, an abundance of spectacular landscapes, a Mediterranean haven of unique island culture seasoned with delicious food, excellent wines and hospitable people. Pag is truly an island to be experienced and which you will fall in love with, keep rediscovering over and over and always return to.

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Pag has always attracted people, so it’s not surprising that it was populated as early as the Stone Age. The Romans called it Cissa Portunata, and in the 10th century it was called Kissa. The Croats first called it Caska, then Pag. It is assumed that the name for the island originated from the Latin word pagus, which means village.

There are two larger communities on the island, Pag and Novalja, many villages and hamlets, and right in the centre of the island Šimuni are located –a small fishing village known for the best camp on the Adriatic.

Pag holds many secrets – from Pag lace and famous Pag cheese to natural beauty and unforgettable nightlife. Each, even the smallest cove descends gently to the sea and hides a beach of unique beauty, out of which many are covered with crystal clear sand.

Each guest of the island of Pag and Camping Village Šimuni will receive a warm welcome, and all secrets of the island will soon turn into sweet memories.

Pag is an island well-worth exploring, which will capture your heart. Coming to Pag is like coming home. We are waiting for you.

Welcome 🙂